Virtual Desktop Service

The solution to lead successful

Amazon WorkSpaces implementation.

By Cloud based Virtual Desktop,

employee can use the service

at anytime from anywhere!

There are increase in number of companies who implement “Thin Client” in order to cope with working style reform, solving ID management issues, and solving security issues based on legacy style PC management. 

However, there are mountain of issues, such as initial implementation fees and taking long hours since it requires large-scale replacements. Even after implementation, there will be so many requests from end-users… 


To solve those issues, cloud based Virtual Desktop environment “Amazon Workspaces” is now receiving great attentions.


Amazon WorkSpaces is here to solve issues!

Implementation Step


Preparation for Technical aspect

Examine the issues and corrections points when transferring targeted system as well as network configuration at AWS implementation.  

- AWS Basic Design (Account & User management, Network configuration)

- AWS Detailed Design (VPC configuration, Network routine design)

- WorkSpaces environment design

STEP3【Construction(Initial setting)】

Utilizing use case and PoC

Setting network environment and server construction using AWS. 

Based on SOW, we hand over the environment to customers. Then, we provide application construction/ transfer, and behavioral test.


- AWS environment construction 

- WorkSpaces environment establishment 

- Creating custom bundle

- Deploy WorksSppaces for PoC evaluation

- Actual user implementation


start using service

We provide training for WorkSpaces to administrator and then train end-user. After those training, the actual environment will start to be used.

 - Training for WorkSpaces administrator about implementation and maintenance

 - Training for WorkSpaces end-user 

 - Start to use actual environment


Support for stable operation, Optimization suggestion

Provide operational review based on customer usage status.

Continue providing support to lead stable operation.

-Optimize based on understanding status of WorkSpaces usage and through operational review

-Discuss new function of WorkSpaces as well as new use case of collaborating with SaaS products


Verify the method to achieve business goal

Our sales member and technical member will visit your company and have hearing session to understand your overall plan for AWS implementation.


- Check about WorkSpaces implementation project goal 

- Verify current work environment (PC&Network environment) and hearing session

- Analyze the use case

- Identify target users for implementation

- Create service implementation plan


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